Nettle allows networks of OpenFlow switches to be controlled using a high-level, declarative and expressive language.  At the lowest layer, it includes a Haskell library for working with the OpenFlow protocol.  The next layer provides a programming model for observing and controlling networks based on functional reactive programming (FRP).

Nettle has been implemented as an embedded domain specific language in Haskell.  It is open source and instructions for obtaining it can be found at our Download page.

At present, the best documentation of Nettle is our paper Nettle: Taking the Sting out of Programming Network Routers.  For detailed information about the library, see the API documentation generated by Haddock.  This API documentation can be generated from the source code, and is also available online at Hackage (nettle-openflow, nettle-frp).  We hope to provide a user’s manual soon.

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