Report on the Programming Language Haskell


Paul Hudak, Simon Peyton Jones, and Philip Wadler (editors)


Haskell is a non-strict purely functional programming language, named after the logician Haskell B. Curry, and designed over a period of about 3 years by a group of computer scientists from the functional programming community. This design effort came about because of the perceived need for a common non-strict functional language that could be freely shared for use in research,
education, and applications.

This report was published in ACM SIGPLAN Notices in 1992 and was notable because it first brought widespread attention, standardization, and stability to the language.


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    ,title="Report on the {P}rogramming {L}anguage {H}askell, 
           {A} {N}on-strict {P}urely {F}unctional {L}anguage ({V}ersion 1.2)"
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